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Ballroom/Danses sociales
On request / Sur demande. Contact Nancy for more info

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Ballet / Ballroom
Ballet / Danses sociales

Ballroom dancing for any age, any level, I can help you achieve your dancing goals. Learn for social, health, fitness or competitions. A Friendly Professional Instructor will help you become comfortable on the dance floor for social events and they can take you to a higher level for competitions. Everyone is trained to dance to the best of their ability, in a fun and professional atmosphere. No partner required.
Shoes: non-rubber soles.

Wednesdays 5:00 to 8:00pm /Mercredis 17h à 20h
(*contact instructor for more info on schedule/ Communiquer avec l’instructeur pour obtenir l’horaire exact)

Taheya -  Bellydance / Baladi

Duniya dance Studio
Bellydance / Baladi

Beginner-Intermediate Bellydance : Continuing to perfect the introductory movements learned in beginner classes, and introducing additional movements, variations, and combinations, with an introduction to improvisation. A short fun routine using the movements learned so far may be taught. It is recommended to take several sessions of intermediate before moving to advanced.

Intermediate Bellydance : Offering further challenge for those who are comfortable with the material from intermediate classes, and are seeking an additional challenge. Students will learn more variations and layering of movements, additional complex combinations. Classes will include improvisation, further practice with props and a fun challenging routine.

Mondays 5:30 to 8:00pm /Lundis 18h à 20h
Thursdays 6:00 to 7:00pm/ Jeudis 18h à 19h
(*contact instructor for more info on schedule/ Communiquer avec l’instructeur pour obtenir l’horaire exact)

Flamenco / Juliana

Flamenco / Juliana

Learn the art of the flamenco dance from one of Canada’s leading flamenco artists. Classes will focus on a combination of technique and choreography. Students learn the percussive rhythm of the feet and the beautiful, fluid arm movements. Sometimes accompanied by guitar, students will also come to understand the powerful dynamic between singer, dancer, and guitarist that is at the heart of this inspiring art form.

Hump Day Dance
Wednesday 8:00 pm / Mercredi 20h

Hump Day Dance – Adult Dance class

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Hump Day Dance is Ottawa’s only 18+ , 1.5 hour dance class featuring sultry, easy to learn, easy to do, fun to try, dance routines. No experience? No problem! We don’t judge! We DANCE! In fact, just by showing up and having fun with like-minded, like-bodied people, you will become a better dancer.

We are often asked what style of dance our classes are. There is no specific label as the instructors are very versatile. We are influenced by Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Burlesque, and our own need to express. We have a different choreographer every week so you get a variety of dance style and teaching. Sometimes we work with props such as chairs, hats, ties, or with a partner!

If you have been looking to bring something new and different into your life, bring your self into the studio.

Rio Fitness
Thursday 7:00 pm / jeudis 19h

Brazilian dance/Samba

RIO Fitness Ottawa

*Beginners, intermediate and advanced are all welcome.

Originally created by Founder & Creator Liz Goncalves in Hollywood, Florida, Rio Fitness Worldwide has been offering over 10 years of Brazilian & Latin dance fitness classes in a fun and dynamic environment all over the world. Our goal is to promote the wellbeing of the Mind, Body & Soul through the rythmn of Brazilian music. Rio Fitness Ottawa will be teaching students a combinaison of Samba, Brazilian Funk, AXE, Lambada, Batucada, mixed with some Latin flavour Bootcamp Style. Come burn some calories as we work on toning, building and shaping your entire body the RIO way!