Need a room for one of the following or more (for less than 30 people and/or during our business hours?

-cultural event,
-corporate and individual activities,
-meetings space,
-art exhibitions,

Studio X Ottawa is the place for you!

Office Hours

Monday, 5:00-9:00pm
Tuesday to Thursday,3:00-21:00pm
Friday, Closed
Saturday, Closed
Sunday,12:00-4:00pm (except on long weekends)

*Please send an e-mail to to know our availabilities as they change from one week to the other.

See floor plan and price below.

3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plan

Rental (classes, practices and workshops)

*Please note that prices are not negotiable and that the 8hrs+ pricing option is the lowest rate available.

*Please also note that these rates are only for classes, practices and workshops of 30 people or less during our business hours.

Capacity (for classes and practices):
Studio X-1: MAX. 40 people
Studio X-2: MAX. 05 people
Studio X-3 and X-4: MAX. 90 people

Rental (1 to 5 people)

Priavate and Semi-private rental
Studios1 hour to 4 hoursMore than 4 hoursMore than 8 hours
Studio X-1 (about 700 SF)$25/h + HST$23/h + HST$20/h + HST
Studio X-2 (about 260 SF)$15/h + HST$12/h + HST$10/h + HST

Rental (6 to 30 people)

Group classes
Studios1 hour to 4 hoursMore than 4 hoursMore than 8 hours
Studio X-1 (about 700 SF)$45/h + HST$40/h + HST$35/h + HST
Studio X-3 and X-4 (about 1300 SF)$60/h + HST$55/h + HST$50/h + HST

*There is a no outside/outdoor shoes policy in effect at the studio all year long. So, everybody will need another pair of shoes to get inside (if they don’t want to have to walk in their socks or bare feet).

*Studio X-2 can only hold a max. of 5 people

*All renters (instructors) need to provide a proof of a minimum of $2 mil liability insurance.

*All renters will be held responsible for any damage to the facility or equipment resulting from their rental.

*Rentals outside of our operating hours will also include a staff charge of $20/hr.

* Renters will only have access to the studio during their rental time. They will be responsible to keep the space clean and give it back as they found it (cleaning fees may apply).

* The students and teachers voices, the music and the sounds of other artistic activities can be heard throughout the facility.

*Studio X-3 and X-4 can be combined for larger group (30 to 90 people, depending on the activity). For a quote for activities outside the regular business hours and/or of more than 30 people, please go to this page.