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Fitness classes

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*Please note that the passes can be used for all the fitness classes taught by Soul and/or Nadège.

Fitness classes
Package Price Buy Now
Unlimited class contract (6 months contract): $60/month + HST Buy here
First visit*: at a discount price of $6.78 Buy here
Introductory 2 weeks Unlimited Fitness Pass: $20 $ + HST Buy here
Drop-In: $13.50 Buy here
1 month Unlimited Fitness pass: $70 + HST Buy here
3 months Unlimited Fitness Pass: at a discount price of $195 + HST ($65/month) Buy here
6 months Unlimited Fitness Pass: at a discount price of $405 + HST ($57.50/month) Buy here
12 months Unlimited Fitness Pass: at a discount price of $600 + HST ($50/month) Buy here
8 week pass (same class same day once a week): at a discount price of $86 (Valid for 8 weeks) Buy here
8 classes pass: $96 (Valid for 2 months-$12/class) Buy here
10 classes pass: $110 (Valid for 3 months-$11/class) Buy here
15 classes pass: $135 (Valid for 5 months-$9/class) Buy here
20 classes passes: $160 (Valid for 6 months-$8/class) Buy here
Unlimited Dance and Fitness: $115/month + HST (Contract of minimum 3 months) Buy here

*Please note that the first visit promo cannot be used with any other promo (introduction to the studio)!

15% Off on Packages of 8 classes and more (excluding the unlimited class packages) for Older Adults (55 yrs+), Students, ZIN members and City Centre Complex employees. (Just write 15% as promo code and bring a valid proof of your status).


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Fitness classes
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*Sign up at least 2 hrs before your week classes and 8pm the night before for weekend classes.
*Veuillez réserver au moins 2 heures avant les cours de la semaine ou la veille à 20h pour les cours de la fin de semaine.

*Please note that any shoes wear outside are not allowed in the studio.
*Veuillez noter que les souliers portés à l'extérieur ne sont en aucun cas permis dans le studio.

Today’s schedule/Horaire d’aujourd’hui

What's happening at Studio X Ottawa, today, Monday?
Que se passe-t-il à Studio X Ottawa, aujourd'hui, lundi?

-Zumba® Toning-Sentao: 6:00-7:00pm (Nadege & Soul)
-Flamenco: 6pm-8:00pm (Julianna)
-Salsa (Beg. 1): 7:00-8:00pm (Soul & Nadege)
-Salsa (Beg. 2): 8:00-9:00pm (Soul & Nadege)

Spring 2018 Schedule – Horaire du printemps 2018

Spring 2018 Schedule – Horaire du printemps 2018

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Cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir - Contactez-nous directement pour connaître les disponibilités du Studio X-2 pour la location

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