Why private classes (Latin Dances)?

Private lessons are best for you if any of the following apply:

– Want to accelerate your learning?
– Looking to improve your style?
– Too shy to learn in a group?
– Want to take dancing to a higher level?
– Want to learn just with your partner?
– Prefer the full attention of a teacher?
– Need to schedule at your convenience?
– Want to learn at your own pace?
– Want to review what you’ve learned in your group class?

Semi-private Latin Dance lessons are another great option. Gather with your friends and family and learn to dance together. These lessons are like a group class, but you choose the time and what you want to learn.

You can also have a private or semi-private classes for special occasions:

Wedding Dance

Congratulations on your engagement!

We know how important your wedding day is and we can help make it even more special. Whether you just want to learn a few basic Latin Dance steps or want your guests to gasp in amazement, we can get you there! Bring along the bridal party to learn a few moves or prepare a touching father/daughter dance. We can help make your day truly memorable.

The wedding dance packages are designed to teach you the Latin dance you need to know, prepare a choreography and ensure that you look like you’ve danced together all your lives! If you haven’t already chosen a song, we can also guide to the song that’s right for you.

***Tip for your First Wedding Dance: Don’t Wait till the last minute, your schedule will be crazy busy with the big day coming up! According to our extensive experience, most successful and happiest Wedding Dance outcomes happen when couples start at least 3 months in advance!

**For a wedding choreography, we recommend that you start with the 5 hours private class package with 2 instructors to learn both the leader and follower steps/perspectives – Buy here!

Bachelorette Party

Get together with your closest friends and have some wonderful social fun at studio X Ottawa Inc.
Book a private Latin Dance lesson for the bride or a group lesson for all the girls in the party. Whatever the case, we will make it happen and guarantee 100% FUN!!

These classes are set up in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is completely non intimidating.
This class is designed with only one purpose in mind: having lots of fun and an unforgettable experience with your girlfriends.

It’s for the every day woman of any age, size, fitness level or even if you never have danced before!!!!


*Please contact us to book your first appointement with one of our instructors before you buy your package!

*Please note that an additional $15/h + HST will be charged to have a second instructor (assistant) in the class to dance with you (the second instructor/assistant will only assist and won’t be teaching at all).

*In the case that you wish to have 2 instructors teaching the class (to have both the lead/man and the follower/woman perspectives) please go to this link to see pricing.

One person (1h)
$60 + HST
One person for 1 hour with 1 instructor
One person (5 hrs)
$250 + HST ($50/h)
5 hours for 1 person with 1 instructor
(Valid for 3 months)
One couple (1h)
$75 + HST
1 hour for 1 couple with 1 instructor
One couple (5 hrs)
$325 + HST ($65/h)
5 hours for 1 couple with 1 instructor
(Valid for 3 months)
One couple (1h)
$110 + HST
1 hour for 1 couple with 2 instructors
One couple (5hrs)
$500 + HST ($100/h)
5 hours for 1 couple with 2 instructors
(Valid for 3 months)
*Package recommended for wedding dances!!!
3 to 6 people (1h)
$30/ person
1 hour for a semi-private class with 1 instructor
3 to 6 people (5hrs)
$125/person ($25/h/)
5 hours for a semi-private class with 1 instructor
(Valid for 3 months)