Summer Offer at Studio X Ottawa

3 months unlimited Fitness classes from June 1 to August 31, 2016 for $165 + HST
25% Off on 8 week Salsa classes for 1 or 2

You’ve been working hard and sweating when you can. Now Studio X Ottawa is offering the opportunity to Rest your Nutrition in combination with all that hard work!

This summer Registered Holistic Nutritionist Brittany Gordon will be leading an online community to share grocery list, meal planning tips, recipes and overall guidance to help you rest those taste buds. Whether you goal is to lose weight, clean up your eating or just get some new recipes this online community will set you on the right path!

From May 10 to 31, 2016, get our 3 months unlimited Fitness classes (June 1 to August 31,2016) for $165 + HST (only $55/month) or buy a Regular 8 week Salsa pass or 8 week for 2 Salsa pass and you will be able to join our Facebook page and/or Newsletter for this Nutrition Service. Furthermore, you will also be eligible for a 15 minutes consultation totally FREE with Brittany Gordon!

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