Thursday X Social (weekly dance)

////Thursday X Social (weekly dance)
Thursday X Social (weekly dance) 2016-12-15T15:21:18+00:00

Practice is key to learning and as they say practice makes perfect!

On Thursday, we have a weekly Latin (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue) and occasional other genre (like Kizomba) dance night for dancers of all level looking for a friendly and social environment.

This is not a lesson. This is a relaxed, friendly gathering of dance enthusiasts. It’s an opportunity to practice moves you’re not totally confident about yet and meet other Latin dancers of all levels. There is no formal instruction; instead, we help each other improve our dancing – or we just dance for fun.

So, come every Thursday (9pm to 11pm) and dance in a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere with other students and teachers. For music, we play a variety of Latin Dance music as well as some occasional other genres.

$5 per person or free for students taking Intermediate Salsa class the same night.

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*Sign up at least 2 hrs before your week classes and 8pm the night before for weekend classes.
*Veuillez réserver au moins 2 heures avant les cours de la semaine ou la veille à 20h pour les cours de la fin de semaine.

*Please note that any shoes wear outside are not allowed in the studio.
*Veuillez noter que les souliers portés à l'extérieur ne sont en aucun cas permis dans le studio.

Today’s schedule/Horaire d’aujourd’hui

What's happening at Studio X Ottawa, today, Monday?
Que se passe-t-il à Studio X Ottawa, aujourd'hui, lundi?

-Zumba® Toning-Sentao: 6:00-7:00pm (Nadege & Soul)
-Flamenco: 6pm-8:00pm (Julianna)
-Salsa (Beg. 1): 7:00-8:00pm (Soul & Nadege)
-Salsa (Beg. 2): 8:00-9:00pm (Soul & Nadege)

Spring 2018 Schedule – Horaire du printemps 2018

Spring 2018 Schedule – Horaire du printemps 2018

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